closed subalgebra

closed subalgebra
Математика: замкнутая подалгебра

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  • Subalgebra — In algebra (mathematics), the word algebra usually means a vector space or module equipped with an additional bilinear operation. Algebras in universal algebra are far more general: they are a common generalisation of all algebraic structures. In …   Wikipedia

  • subalgebra — noun A closed subset of an algebra …   Wiktionary

  • Hereditary C*-subalgebra — In operator algebras, a hereditary C* subalgebra of a C* algebra A is a particular type of C* subalgebra whose structure is closely related to that of A . A C* subalgebra B of A is a hereditary C* subalgebra if for all 0 le; a le; b , where b… …   Wikipedia

  • Cartan subalgebra — In mathematics, a Cartan subalgebra is a nilpotent subalgebra mathfrak{h} of a Lie algebra mathfrak{g} that is self normalising (if [X,Y] in mathfrak{h} for all X in mathfrak{h}, then Y in mathfrak{h}).Cartan subalgebras exist for finite… …   Wikipedia

  • Fuzzy subalgebra — Fuzzy subalgebras theory is a chapter of fuzzy set theory. It is obtained from an interpretation in a multi valued logic of axioms usually expressing the notion of subalgebra of a given algebraic structure. Indeed, consider a first order language …   Wikipedia

  • C*-algebra — C* algebras (pronounced C star ) are an important area of research in functional analysis, a branch of mathematics. The prototypical example of a C* algebra is a complex algebra A of linear operators on a complex Hilbert space with two additional …   Wikipedia

  • Banach algebra — In mathematics, especially functional analysis, a Banach algebra, named after Stefan Banach, is an associative algebra A over the real or complex numbers which at the same time is also a Banach space. The algebra multiplication and the Banach… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform algebra — A uniform algebra A on a compact Hausdorff topological space X is a closed (with respect to the uniform norm) subalgebra of the C* algebra C(X) (the continuous complex valued functions on X ) with the following properties::the constant functions… …   Wikipedia

  • Dirichlet algebra — In mathematics, a Dirichlet algebra is a particular type of algebra associated to a compact Hausdorff space X. It is a closed subalgebra of C(X), the uniform algebra of bounded continuous functions on X, whose real parts are dense in the algebra… …   Wikipedia

  • Operator algebra — In functional analysis, an operator algebra is an algebra of continuous linear operators on a topological vector space with the multiplication given by the composition of mappings. Although it is usually classified as a branch of functional… …   Wikipedia

  • Foliation — In mathematics, a foliation is a geometric device used to study manifolds. Informally speaking, a foliation is a kind of clothing worn on a manifold, cut from a striped fabric. On each sufficiently small piece of the manifold, these stripes give… …   Wikipedia

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